59: A Good Source of Fibers (Fiber Bundles)

03.21.2021 - By Breaking Math Podcast

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Mathematics is full of all sorts of objects that can be difficult to comprehend. For example, if we take a slip of paper and glue it to itself, we can get a ring. If we turn it a half turn before gluing it to itself, we get what's called a Möbius strip, which has only one side twice the length of the paper. If we glue the edges of the Möbius strip to each other, and make a tube, you'll run into trouble in three dimensions, because the object that this would make is called a Klein flask, and can only exist in four dimensions. So what is a fiber? What can fiber bundles teach us about higher dimensional objects?

All of this, and more, on this episode of Breaking Math.

[Featuring: Sofía Baca, Meryl Flaherty]


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