083: Archbishop Vigano & the Power of Fear

11.19.2018 - By The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

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Not sure if you caught it, but Archbishop Vigano recently told the American bishops they'd better be afraid...very afraid. Why? Because if you want to become a saint, the first thing you need is fear. Fear isn’t typically the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about growth in sanctity, but it's a must. Not any old fear, of course...we're talking fear of the Lord - one of the most powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit (see Isaiah 11). And Archbishop Vigano's recent letter nails it. So in this episode of the Art of Catholic podcast, I'm going briefly unpack why I think the one paragraph letter he wrote is, in a way, the most powerful letter he's written so far...at least on the spiritual level. Among other things, I'm going to get into: Why fear of the Lord doesn't equal terror How fear is directly linked to the virtue of temperance (and why that's so important) Why spiritual fear leads to hatred of sin The beauty of filial fear How the gift of fear moves us to reverence This is a super powerful podcast because it shows how instead of just complaining, we can become part of the solution to the Church crisis. May God bless you and the whole Catholic Church! Matthew Oh yeah...Here's the link to Divine Intimacy on the EWTN Religious Catalog, I mentioned in the podcast. P.S. I'm leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Jim Caviezel, star of The Passion of the Christ! We'll also be joined by Fr. Don Calloway and John Michael Talbot! It's going to be epic! CLICK HERE for details!     P.P.S. If you'd rather go to Italy, I'm heading there on pilgrimage, too! Join me in March 2019 for a time of deep spiritual renewal and amazing adventure in Rome, Assisi, Orvieto, LaVerna, and much, much more! CLICK HERE for details!   CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Art of Catholic podcast!

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