Avengers Endgame GWEN STACY CAMEO Explained! Spider-Man 3 Theory!

08.08.2019 - By Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

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Avengers Endgame SPIDER-GWEN Easter Egg Discovered? Was Gwen Stacy hiding behind Peter Parker in the Avengers Endgame ending? How could characters like Gwen Stacy and Flash Thompson play a bigger role with Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3? Erik Voss explains this Endgame Easter Egg, whether or not it's really Gwen Stacy, and why Marvel might never confirm it. What secret Flash Thompson subplot in Spider-Man Far From Home might set up a future with the Sinister Six or Venom? How could Flash and Spider-Gwen help Peter after the twist in the Spider-Man Far From Home post-credit scene? Will Erik ever get all the baby spiders out of his ear canal?
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