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What's The Ringer-Verse about?

The Ringer-Verse is your go-to nexus podcast feed for all things nerd culture and fandom, featuring:

'The Midnight Boys': Van Lathan, Charles Holmes, Jomi Adeniran, and Steve Ahlman react to the latest in fandom and share their instant reactions to the newest nerd culture releases, all while bringing the banter every week.

'Mint Edition': Steve, Jomi, and Jessica Clemons gather every other week to share their unique takes on the movies and shows that are animating the fandom.

'Button Mash': Ben Lindbergh and Jessica discuss the latest in the world of video games, from headline-making new releases, to industry trends, to game swaps and nostalgic re-plays.

'Splash Page': Jessica breaks down the latest Easter eggs and theories from all of your favorite content. Not sure if that was a Mephisto reference in the latest 'Loki' episode? Wondering what exactly that post-credits scene means? Eager to know how a new trailer sets up your most anticipated release of the season? Jessica will answer all of those questions and more in her video podcasts.

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