#172 - Beware The Russian Reaper - The Dangerousness of Alexander "The Grim Reaper" Emelianenko

08.13.2019 - By Crime in Sports

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This week, we take a peek at the life of a man who started out, behind the iron curtain, growing up in the streets. From there, he learned how to fight in the ring, and became one of MMA's most feared punchers. Problem is, he likes to punch things, out of the ring, as well. Like fellow airline passengers, or random bar patrons. He is also proficient in sexual assault, having feuds with his own family members, and saying some really dumb things. He is a roller coaster, from start to finish!!

Learn to fight by age 7, do things that make Putin think you're a "good guy", and deny everything, even if it's recorded with Alexander "The Grim Reaper" Emelianenko!!

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