Ep. 374: Big Woods, Big Scrapes, Big Bucks with Troy Pottenger

09.24.2020 - By Wired To Hunt Podcast

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Today on the show I’m joined by whitetail addict Troy Pottenger to discuss his unique methods for targeting big mature public land bucks in the big woods, big hill country he calls home.
Topics discussed:

The unique areas Troy hunts whitetails

How his techniques have worked across the South, Midwest, and beyond

Breaking down huge chunks of public land into more manageable sections

Spring and summer scouting

The terrain features that mountain bucks are attracted to

Elevations of most activity

How to locate bedding in big hill country

The importance of community scrapes in big woods settings

How to locate and identify these best scrapes

Creating the ultimate mock scrapes 

Pro tips for running trail cameras on mock scrapes

The importance of mock rubs

Setting up bulletproof stand sites

Wind considerations in the hills and mountains

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