Bring Back the Working Man | Guest Host: Jeff Katz | 2/15/21

02.15.2021 - By The Glenn Beck Program

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As a record-breaking snowstorm leaves many in Texas and the Midwest without power, Virginia radio host Jeff Katz fills in for Glenn. Donald Trump was acquitted in his second impeachment trial, so it’s time to put this circus to rest. The Minneapolis Police Department is now hiring. So much for defunding the police. When did loving America become a bad thing? We’re witnessing the death of the working man as the pandemic lingers on, but it’s not too late. Listeners call in with their thoughts on what is happening in America. As we approach the one-year anniversary of "two weeks to flatten the curve," which is it, Dr. Fauci? Can we return our kids to the school and the normal life they desperately need yet?
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