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What's Burke In The Game about?

Dancing With the Stars' Cheryl Burke knows that a misstep in dancing means shaking it off, getting up on your feet and back onto the dance floor because each struggle is a stepping block to reach your true potential. The same goes for Cheryl in her personal life too. That's why on her 38th Birthday, she's getting Burke in the Game. 

Cheryl, newly divorced, is getting Burke in the Game as she is ready to face her fears, learn about how to truly love herself, and hopefully in turn, be ready to Rumba again. Burke in the Game is a podcast designed to help guide Cheryl to get back on track. However this time around, she's surrendering the lead...to YOU!

What type of a guy is she most compatible with? Where did she go wrong in the past? Will she let her inner demons get in the way of her dating again? Does she need to freeze her eggs? And so much more as there’s so many questions to be answered that all of YOU will decide for her. 

Because one thing is for sure, Cheryl is not going through it alone this time. She'll talk with sex therapists, relationship experts, life coaches, family members, friends, and even a few of her exes, and the list goes on!

We'll make sure that Cheryl’s next steps she decides to take...will finally land her that perfect partner that she has always dreamed of. 

Together, let’s help Cheryl Take these Burken Wings and learn to fly again! 

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