Church of Debra

Church of Debra

By Debra Wilkerson

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What's Church of Debra about?

After the cancellation of Facts of Life in 1988, Debra Wilkerson spiraled into a deep depression that she would never fully recover from. She found Jesus and eventually founded the Church of Debra. A long journey through the medical system afforded her with a daily regimen of medicines that brought her back to reality. Unfortunately, in 1997, Debra's husband, Harold Wilkerson, died from an obsessive addiction to hot sauce which eventually lead to a perforated peptic ulcer of the small intestines. Debra's mental state declined yet deeper into a full on psychosis even with the medication. Eventually, a balance of new medications, therapy and her devotion to a higher power gave Debra the ability to lead a semi-normal life. Today, Debra spreads the word of Jesus and God at any and every opportunity. She is a committed Southern Baptist Christian lady. But some say she should be committed because the remaining tinges of her underlying psychosis asserts itself in the form of an obsession to record these conversations so that she has proof to show to the Lord on the day of judgement. Debra shares these recordings with the world so that they may also experience the grace of God through her colorfully painted journeys laced with psychotic cracks and breaks. Come join the journey. Follow down the path to psychotic salvation right behind Debra by subscribing today!

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