30 December, 2020 – Episode 805 – 2020 Science In Review!

01.01.2021 - By This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
As we end the year, the planet has lost 1.8 million humans to a virus
Over 82 million have been infected
And we are at the peak of transmissions and deaths
Just as a new variant threatens a more contagious acceleration of infection
So contagious was this year, that even as it leaves,
it is passing along the virus to the following year
Because we failed to mitigate our behavior with any concerted effort
The year that showed how poorly wishful thinking,
political posturing and good old fashion
“Ignore it and maybe it will go away?”…
strategies fare when dealing with actual threats…
And so, when the future looks back upon this present year…
The real threat will be less about a virus acting out its nature
But the failure of humans to take reality seriously.
Was also the year that challenged science to save us from ourselves
Around the world, researchers went to work
searching for treatments,
developing and testing vaccines
And the efforts have succeeded!
It is extremely important to note, and I can not stress this enough…
That I need a disclaimer within this disclaimer
These solutions are not new,

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