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Election Dissection: How can the election system be improved?

03.27.2024 - By The Arizona Republic and azcentral.comPlay

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Trust in the election system in Arizona is eroding. Some may even say it's broken all together. One side says the vulnerability of voting machines and delay in election results is what makes the system distrustful. This was most obvious during the Maricopa County recount of the 2020 ballots that lasted months.

The other side says it's the new found distrust in the system that makes it broken.

But either way a question remains among most American, and specifically Arizonan, voters: how can we make elections better?

This question fuels the work of David Becker. He is a co-founder of the Center for Election Innovation and Research and he believes that technology and reliance on data can help us toward improving elections. He also helped launch the Election Official Legal Defense Network, which connections election officials with free legal advice.

This week on Election Dissection, an elections series of The Gaggle podcast by The Arizona Republic and, hosts Mary Jo Pitzl and Sasha Hupka sit down with Becker to discuss why he's confident in the safety of our elections systems, how America ended up in this position and why he's keeping an eye on those who oppose Donald Trump come next January.

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