English Conversations For English Learners-Why Having A Big Brain Is Not Always An Advantage Ep 530

04.18.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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A podcast to help you learn English naturally and improve your English listening skills.  Today we learn why we poor humans suffer more from fight or flight and  why having a clever brain isn’t always an advantage. So while you learn  new English vocabulary, build your long term English language memory and  work on your listening comprehension, you will also gain an interesting  insight into how we humans work at a mind and body level.
Learn English, Learn About Your Brain, And Listen To It All In An Easy To Consume Way
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If  you’re wondering why an English conversation about body and mind is  going to help you learn to speak English fluently, then you’re probably  new to Adept English. So firstly hello and welcome. Our approach to  language learning is through language acquisition, an approach you’ve  already used and know works, because it was the approach you used to  learn your first ‘native’ language as a child.
We use the same  proven approach you used for your first language to help you learn new  languages. One of the most important aspects of this type of learning is  lots of repeat listening. Most people will only listen to something several times if it’s interesting. So all of our listen and learn podcasts are about interesting things.
Being  self aware is a very good first step to reducing unnecessary stress and  anxiety. If you don’t know why something is happening, you are going to  struggle to come up with a plan to help solve your problems. I love  understanding why we behave the way we do and today I’m going to share  with you a brief insight into why we humans do what we do, even when  it’s not good for us.
We often regard our human brains as one of  the most complex objects in the known universe. No other physical  structure can rival its capabilities. But despite all its astounding  powers, it has its fair share of flaws. We discover in today’s show, our  paranoia and anxiety are more prevalent than any other species’,  because our fight-or-flight response kicks in when there is no real  danger.
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