EP29 - My 2020 word: intentionality

01.08.2020 - By Cooking with an Italian accent

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Until a few years ago, come January I would write a list of goals and good intentions. I felt productive, optimist, effective. Within a few months, though, that list would mark the measure of my failures. Now I choose a word that will represent the year I have in front of me, a word that will guide me, help me to make decisions and choose a path to follow. It is much more effective, and kind, to choose a word rather than listing down goals.This year I chose intentionality as my 2020 word.Which is your 2020 word? How do you want to feel this year?Links to articles mentioned in this episode:- Nicole Gulotta. The Benefits of Choosing a Word For the Year—Instead of Setting Goals: http://nicolemgulotta.com/blog/word-for-the-year- My 2018 words: craft and seasonality https://en.julskitchen.com/other/craft-and-seasonality - My 2019 word: simplicity https://en.julskitchen.com/savoury-cakes/butternut-squash-strudel Find me online at www.julskitchen.com or on Instagram https://instagram.com/julskitchen/ Join our Facebook Group Cooking with Juls’ Kitchen: https://www.facebook.com/groups/775325049335625/Podcast realized by https://instagram.com/tommyonweb

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