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What's Fight Laugh Feast Network about?

CrossPolitic (Christ over Politics) Podcast and Show mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics in order to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory.

Our hosts are made up of pastors, deacons, filmmakers, and more, and long to see our nation once again recognize Jesus as the redeemer of our fallen nation. Our hosts interview notable public figures (including presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson), write books, preach at churches, make films, and utilize every avenue possible to declare the gospel of our Lord to our broken world.

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Daily News Brief for Tuesda...


The Chinafication of Europe … and more on today’s CrossPolitic Daily News Brief. This is Toby Sumpter. Today is Tuesday, December 7, 2021. Find all our shows at and download the Fight Laugh Feast App at your favorite app ...

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