Fix 2 Common English Grammar Mistakes Ep 557

07.21.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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Test Your English Grammar - Do you make these mistakes?
Today we talk about 2 grammatical errors. Errors so common even native English speakers don’t realize they’re making them. We are going to identify, understand and fix these two English grammar ( ) mistakes, so you sound more fluent when speaking English. As always, **we give you lots of examples to explain the problem** and today we even have a quiz to check your understanding. So click play ( ) and start listening to learn English.
✔Lesson transcript:
It is a challenge when you are learning English for the first time, because you often look at books for the answers, but books often ignore the real world grammar use of native English speakers. Native English speakers have bad habits, native English speakers often bend English grammar rules, to sound cool, or communicate more quickly or just because that’s the way everyone expects to hear English spoken in 2022. Common grammar mistakes have infiltrated our communication so thoroughly that they are truly part of the language at this point.
Even if you think you know everything there is to know about English grammar, you’re wrong. The English language has incorporated and inherited a lot of grammatical oddities from a lot of languages from around the world. English grammar gets confusing even for us teachers. So if you are learning English as a second language, you will make mistakes with your English grammar. It’s inevitable. Accept this and don’t let the fear of sounding odd hold you back.
I’d also say that making grammatical errors when you speak is less problematic. If you are trying to communicate something and you make a few grammatical errors, the listener is almost certainly going to understand what you are saying. Getting spoken English grammar wrong just makes you sound a little clumsy, it highlights your a learner, and that may or may not be something you want.
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