Flat Earth Theories, Vegas Revisited, Philip K Dick's Communist Conspiracy, UFO Disclosure (Again), Hollywood Depravity |89|

10.12.2017 - By Magical Mystery Radio: Conspiracy & Paranormal Review

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Why do people believe in flat earth theories? What's the attraction? Is it possible there's actually something to this? Adam talks a little about Blade Runner 2049 - and then reveals an amazing anecdote about Philip K Dick, Stanislaw Lem, and a possible communist conspiracy. Could Lem have been a synthetic human? John just can't let this Vegas thing go. He spent the past week in the rabbit hole and simply must share his latest findings.  We talk about the fall of Harvey Weinstein, and what this means for the entertainment capitol of the world. Also, Adam and John share their own experiences in the Hollywood cesspool. And something about disclosure. Again. Sure, it'll happen this time.              

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