Game of Thrones – House of the Dragon and Double D News

11.01.2019 - By Game of Thrones The Podcast

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Jim and A.Ron have much to discuss. A GoT prequel has been cancelled, the DD's have exited the Star Wars universe, and House of the Dragon has gotten the go-ahead.
Referenced in the podcast:
Vanity Fair coverage of the prequel series
The Twitter thread from Austin Film Fest
To catch up or prepare for the newest series, hear A.Ron and co-author of Gods of Thrones, Anthony, discuss the recently released Fire and Blood:
“Fire and Blood” Initial Thoughts
“Fire and Blood” – Part 1
“Fire and Blood” – Part 2
“Fire and Blood” – Part 3
You can find both books written by A.Ron here: "Gods of Thrones" is available for purchase on Amazon.
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