Growing Old An English Listening Topic That Interests Everyone At Some Point In Their Lives Ep 562

08.08.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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Today we will explore an English listening practice topic which interests us all: ageing.  We will discover what scientists are learning from animals that live a  long time, or ones that live brief lives. And what that means for us  aging humans. So join us and learn to speak English with our fun listen and learn approach to language learning.
English Listening Practice: Let’s Talk About Ageing
Ageing  is something we’re all intimately familiar with, although most of us  try to avoid thinking about it! When we think about getting old, we  focus on the symptoms, a wrinkle here and ache there, less hair and less  energy. Well, today we look at the other end of the problem, the causes  of ageing.
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