Guided Meditations with Nola Bloom

By Nola Bloom

What's Guided Meditations with Nola Bloom about?

Welcome to the Nola Bloom Guided Meditation Podcast! Join Nola, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher residing on tranquil Koh Phangan, Thailand, as she takes you on a journey to relaxation, soul soothing, and anxiety relief. Immerse yourself in her carefully crafted mindful meditations, allowing you to find serenity and connect with your inner self.

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Embark on a Healing Journey...


Join Nola Bloom, a seasoned yogi, cacao ceremony facilitator, and full moon goddess ceremony facilitator, hula-hoop performer with over two decades of experience in beauty and massage therapy. As a dedicated yoga teacher for 15 years, Nola has spent the ...

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