Episode 42: Gurpreet Kaur Mann, HR Superheroes, Part 2 Why Policies SUCK

05.05.2021 - By Rebel Human Resources Podcast

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Join Kyle for part 2 of his conversation with the HR Superhero, Gurpreet Kaur Mann.  Gurpreet and Kyle dive into the real-world HR challenges, and talk about transitioning from an operations role into HR.

About Gurpreet:
I Help SMBs Attract & Retain The RIGHT TALENT To Scale Their Business + Increase
Their Revenues & Profits. As a Career Strategies Coach, I Help Career Professionals Get Hired In 30 Days + Build Their Personal Brand To Make More Money In Their Career

As an HR Professional, I love the diversity and the energy that comes with being a True HR Generalist.

I have been working in HR for 14+ years now. I have worked with all sizes of Organizations from Large to Small.

And I have seen it all!

I have seen HR done right.
I have seen HR done wrong

This is why I know what works, and what doesn’t. Hence why my client's nicknamed me “HR Superhero”.

My approach to managing people goes much deeper than just policies and procedures. I bring a strategic and holistic focus that aims to bring out the best in your people and align them with your business goals.

I am Forward-thinker, a doer and an innovator, think of me as a results-driven HR Superhero who gets Results!

Gurpreet Kaur’s Profile linkedin.com/in/manngurpreet Websitestore.hrsuperhero.ca  (Company Website)TwitterGurpreetMann1
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