INSANE ALIEN ENCOUNTER! | The Proof Is Out There - Louis Turi

08.30.2022 - By UFOs and Aliens

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Dr.Louis Turi about Aliens & Entities | Contact With Enlightened Beings.INSANE ALIEN ENCOUNTER! | The Proof Is Out There - Louis TuriDr. Turi speaks about his first contact with alien beings, an interaction that took place when he was a child while living in France. Louis says that the beings would enter his room at night and watch him sleep. At the time Louis would tell his mother that he was being visited by “big eyed monkeys” and she would shrug it off as an overactive childs imagination. This was a regular occurrence for Louis throughout his childhood and many of his nights were spent alone awaiting interactions with the alien beings. Louis says that they never harmed him but communicated with him telepathically even into his adult life. Louis also channels an inner ET by the name of Draco that has given him many prophecies and predictions that have come to pass over the years. In this interview Dr. Louis Turi also goes into detail about encountering UFOs, other worldly beings and experiences with Men In Black.

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