Is the work you are doing worthwhile? – Hf #207

04.19.2019 - By The Homemaking Foundations Podcast

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Last week I shared an episode giving some tips for dealing with busy hectic seasons and it's been a really popular one! I just posted it last week and I've already heard from several people who have listened to the episode multiple times.

And I think I know the reason - we are all busy! We are all feeling stressed and overwhelmed a bit and it's so encouraging to be reminded of where we can turn when the days get busy and hard. But here's another aspect of this conversation: what do you do when your work you do every single day, doesn't feel worthwhile? 

In today's episode we are going to dive into that discussion on what our ultimate purpose is and where we can turn when that discouragement sinks in. Listen in: 
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Listen to last week's episode on tips for handling those busy hectic seasons
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