It’s Pronounced 'Buttigieg' | 7/20/22

07.20.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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A woman in the military takes to TikTok to explain her feelings on the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. AOC was arrested for protesting outside the Supreme Court. The Colbert Nine who illegally entered the Capitol building have been released and their charges dropped. Unfortunately, Jeffy did not win the lottery over the weekend. Happy shark week! Would you eat an alpaca? The maker of Skittles is being sued because the candy contains a toxic chemical. Pat goes through some old audio clips. Pete Buttigieg comes out of hiding for a congressional hearing. We finally learn how to pronounce his name. John Kerry wants to accelerate our transition to a carbon-free world. An explosion erupts at the Hoover Dam. Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre talks about green energy.
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