Episode 3 - Justin Alexander Shetler

03.17.2021 - By Astray

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Did Justin Alexander Shetler - nomad, ninja and epic adventurer - meet his match in India when he disappeared in 2016? Or is a cryptic message in one of his last instagram posts proof that he doesn’t want to be found?
Michael Yon, a former green beret and combat correspondent, who assisted in the investigation to find Justin, offers insight while sharing his own favorite pastime in India: Cannibal Hunting.

Justin Shetler Alexander Show Notes:
Justin Alexander Shetler’s Instagram and Blog: Adventures of Justin 
Harley Rustad’s article in ‘Outside Magazine.’ Rustad’s article was hugely helpful in writing this episode. He has a book about Justin Shetler Alexander coming out soon.  
Michael Yon ~ Combat correspondent whose hobby is Aghori “cannibal” hunting.
Yon’s Vice article about Gary Stevenson.

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