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By Mads Singers

What's Mads Singers Management Podcast about?

Learn from dedicated entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts who have been in your shoes, effectively managing people, successfully growing businesses, and helping others do the same!

Hi! I am Mads Singers, your podcast host, People Management Coach, and Consultant.

My management philosophy is based on a simple and unique premise:
Treat everyone as an individual and put the right individuals into the right box.

Doing this makes the rest of the management process that much easier.


Get better results by learning the “hacks” from the best and learn actionable steps to apply to your business and personal life!

New episodes are published every Wednesday at 9 AM EST.

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#185: How To Improve Your B...


Episode Summary As you know by now, a business that efficiently runs is much more likely to find continued success over the long term. If you’ve ever asked yourself as an entrepreneur, “How to increase business efficiency?” Well, let me ...

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