MAG 188 - Centre of Attention

11.19.2020 - By The Magnus Archives

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Case ########-28

Observations of surveillance

Recorded by The Archivist in Situ.

Content warnings:
- Scopophobia
- Loss of privacy
- Judgement & Shaming
- Schadenfreude
- Bystander apathy
- Therapeutic malpractice
- Body horror (inc SFX)
- Eye trauma
- Mentions of: Discussion of grief/loss, gaslighting, loss of identity, insomnia, asthma attacks

Episode Transcript
MAG 188 (PDF):
MAG 188 (DOC):

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Edited this week by Annie Fitch, Elizabeth Moffatt, Tessa Vroom, Brock Winstead & Alexander J Newall

Written by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J Newall

Produced by Lowri Ann Davies

- "The Archivist" - Jonathan Sims
- "Martin Blackwood" - Alexander J. Newall

Sound effects this week by 13FPanska_Cerny_Jan, 14F_NetusilovaKristyna, 14GPanskaHonc_Petr, aarom, Adam Wayne Gistarb, adamgryu, altfuture, Ambientsoundapp, avakas, bennstir, bloke09, bmusic92, bormane, Breviceps, bsmacbride, cmusounddesign, DCPoke, Deathscyp, dersuperanton, dheming, dslrguide, Emanuele_Correani, Freeman213SG, geoneo0, harilatron, hz37, ibirdfilm, InspectorJ, Islabonita, jaimage, JasonElrod, JavierZumer, joedeshon, julius_galla, Khanyi_190188, klankbeeld, kwahmah_02, kyles, LamaMakesMusic, launemax, leonelmail, leonsptvx, magedu, mars_98, martian, martinimeniscus, mitchanary, monte32, MrAuralization, nextmaking, nicktermer, nickyg11p, OnlyTheGhosts, OwlStorm, patchytherat, pcaeldries, peridactyloptrix, PeteBarry, pfranzen, phenoxyethanol, qubodup, Reitanna, RHumphries, RossBell, sangtao, semccab, Setuniman, Sheyvan, sirTmoney, smithw027, soundstack, SpliceSound, Splushionsindasky, subtletransmissions, tatianafeudal, ultradust, Uminari, v23, vandale, VlatkoBlazek, Yuval, zimbo, sketchygiot & previously credited artists via

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