Manga Pulse 408: Zelda Again…

11.12.2019 - By Ze Shows – Anime Pulse

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We’re back with more requests and we’ve been given some more video game adaptations in a series we’ve already done a number of. Tim has Zelda – The Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass. Having actually played the Minish Cap, Time has a bit of insight into the game story. It’s faithful and does well by skipping over the tedium that wouldn’t translate into a manga. The same volume covers the events of the Phantom Hourglass. It’s fun and lighthearted enough to enjoy with or without having played either game earning it a Crackers Weltall then covers the volume for Zelda – Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. It adds one character that’s not in the … Continue reading Manga Pulse 408: Zelda Again… →

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