Ep. 376: Mastering October with Jeff Sturgis, Adam Hays, Dan Infalt, and more

10.01.2020 - By Wired To Hunt Podcast

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Today on the show we’re hearing from six different whitetail experts about the challenges and opportunities presented to deer hunters by the month of October. Joining me is Adam Hays, Jeff Sturgis, Mark Drury, Dan Infalt, Bernie Barringer, and Gordon Whittington.
Topics discussed:

The early October opportunity

Understanding the October shift

The importance of fronts

The end of mont venn diagram effect

What makes October such a tough month for many people

How to decide whether you should be aggressive or passive during mid October

How to push into buck bedrooms in October and when to do it

Why some people think late October is the very best time of the entire season to kill a giant buck

How to use the weather forecast to pick the perfect days to hunt in October

Should you hunt mornings in October?

How to pick stand sites in late October

The importance of scrapes at this time of year

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