19 May, 2021 – Episode 825 – How to Remember Things

05.21.2021 - By This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

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This Week: Erosion & Evolution, Traits Of Life, Googley Eyes, Repairing Hearing, Good Students, Iconic Sounds, COVID Update, Bottom Breathing, Scuba Lizards, Horse History, Better Memory, Thumb Brain, Reducing APP, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
Know your enemy!
You may not think that you have enemies.
We humans are all one species after all,
But THEY don’t see it that way.
THEY see you as their enemy.
And, that means that YOU too have an enemy.
How do you defend yourself from this fiend?
First you must know your enemy.
You will know them by their words;
Chosen to influence not inform.
You will know them by their actions;
Spreading fear not facts.
You will know them by the constant deflections
Away from knowledge, away from truth, away from reason, empathy and compassion.
And, away from the most important strength of our sentient modern minds,
Our knowledge of reality.
The only thing now standing between the enemy and you?
The only thing that can preserve your freedom, your intellect?
And protect the health and safety of your family?
Is This Week in Science.

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