MCU Multiverse TRUTH Revealed! Mysterio's Lie Explained! (Far From Home Update)

07.16.2019 - By Inside Marvel: An MCU Podcast

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Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio's Multiverse Lie Explained! Did the fact that Mysterio / Quentin Beck lied about his backstory from another dimension in the MCU Multiverse CHANGE the possible existence of the Multiverse itself? How will Marvel Studios build on what we've learned about the Multiverse from Avengers Endgame and Doctor Strange? Erik Voss breaks down the major Multiverse update from Kevin Feige after Far From Home, and what Mysterio's lie tells us about the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the aftermath of Thanos, Infinity War, and Endgame. Why did Mysterio's team use the Multiverse as his fictional backstory, and how could this narrative's success set up a future Skrull Secret Invasion and the introduction of the Fantastic Four?
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