Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out

By Mike Birbiglia

What's Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out about?

Mike Birbiglia has a new podcast. His tour has been pushed. All of his shows have been postponed. So he’s bringing his comedy indoors for free to you. Each week he welcomes a new guest: a comedian, a musician, a writer, and together they bounce around original untested jokes and writing. It’s all going to happen right here. Don’t miss it. They’re working it out.

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40. Aisling Bea: The Right ...


The last time Mike and Aisling Bea spoke, Aisling was frantically making pizza from scratch for one of Mike's Worldwide Comedy Pizza Party virtual shows. Now that the dough has settled, they dig in for a conversation about introverts vs. ...

Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out episodes: