Monday, October 14, 2019: Trump Orders U.S. Troops to Withdraw from Northern Syria

10.14.2019 - By Inside Politics

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First, A press conference out of Fort Worth, Texas, where a police officer opened fire and killed a woman in her own home. Her family is demanding an investigation from an outside agency.

Plus, President Trump orders all U.S. Forces out of northern Syria as Turkey expands an offensive against the Kurds. A key ally just days ago, the Kurds now say America has betrayed them and they have no choice but to make deals with the Assad regime and Russia.

And, a big week ahead in the Trump impeachment inquiry. The President's former Russia adviser is on Capitol Hill today, and the ambassador central to the Ukraine quid pro quo question is also on tap.

Today's Panel: The Wall Street Journal's Catherine Lucey, Paul Kane and Toluse Olorunnipa with The Washington Post, and POLITICO's Melanie Zanona.

Also on the Program: CNN's Paul Callan, Arwa Damon, Rear Admiral John Kirby (Ret.), and Jeff Zeleny

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