S7E12 Nic Power - The Bad Detective

02.15.2022 - By Curious Canadian History

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The headlines screamed "Canadian detective foils Fenian bomb plot against the Prince!" When the third in line for the British throne arrived in Halifax in 1883 the entire country was excited for the young prince's tour of the equally young country. Yet, a dramatic turn of events would see Halifax detective Nic Power foil an assassination attempt on the prince's life. Or at least, that's what he and the media would have you believe. In this episode we explore the story of the infamous "bomb plot" and try to understand how Nic Power was able to convince the entire British empire for the entirety of his life that he had indeed saved a member of the royal family. Get add free content at Patreon! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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