No Holds Bard

By Seven Stages Shakespeare Company

What's No Holds Bard about?

The Shakespeare podcast Shakespeare would have listened to!* This weekly podcast comes in several flavors. Every other week, you'll get our regular episode features a lightning round on several intersections of Shakespeare and the present day, an underused Shakespearian phrase that you can roll into your everyday conversation to impress/annoy your friends, and a homework assignment currently being blown off by a lazy high school student from the internet. Once a month, we offer SO YOU'RE GOING TO SEE SHAKESPEARE, a half-hour briefing on a specific play to listen to on your commute to the theater that will prepare you to be the best little audience member you can be. And in the fourth week of the month, Dan and Kevin will provide some Shakespearian wildcard programming that will almost certain result in them swearing at each other. (*we assume.)

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NHB 214 - Ask A Groundling #2


Dan and Kevin return with our new favorite recurring Wildcard episode where we go into the field and ask civilians a series of increasingly difficult Shakespeare trivia questions. [email protected] @NoHoldsBardCast Kevin Condardo c/o No Holds Bard P.O. ...

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