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What's Nursing and Cursing about?

Nursing & Cursing is a parenting podcast that covers more than your 10 month old's full diaper. Five friends break down all the crazy that comes after the baby. Kids, husbands, sex, money. Everything from the early days of sore nipples and sleepless nights to parenting with a hangover and picking a preschool. Was your kid screaming on the other side of the bathroom door while you tried to find 5 seconds to put your last tampon in? Then this is the podcast for you.

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S5 Ep45: New Dick, Who Dis ?


Moms! We missed you! We left you hanging and we are so sorry. One of us had a baby, two of us moved to Florida, and one of us…well. Heads up for the absolute biggest Plot Twerk™️ the thread has ...

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