Oversight: Jonestown

By CQ Roll Call

What's Oversight: Jonestown about?

U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan was killed in the line of duty during a fact-finding trip to Guyana when he tried to rescue residents of Jonestown who wanted to break free. Ryan was one of the few government officials at the time to try and stop what would become the tragedy known as Jonestown. Over 40 years later, CQ Roll Call's new podcast Oversight delves into questions about the inquiries, or lack thereof, that occurred during and post-Jonestown in what was the largest mass killing of Americans before September 11th.

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Epilogue: Shattered Lives


Betrayal — it's the tie that binds everyone who was touched by Jim Jones' evil ways. In this final episode of Oversight: Jonestown, we take you into the lives of survivors and victims' families who were shunned, humiliated and then ...

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