Pep Fujas: from the Farm to K2 to WNDR

09.09.2019 - By BLISTER Podcast

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Pep Fujas has always been at the forefront of freeskiing, and he is now looking to move things forward once again. So we talk to Pep about growing up on his family farm in Oregon; his remarkable film career; his favorite Seth Morrison story; his long relationship with K2 and his favorite K2 skis; his decision to go back to school; and his even bigger decision to join the team at WNDR Alpine. TOPICS & TIMES:Getting involved with WNDR (3:10)Growing up + his all-important bus rides (6:10)Connecting with K2 (9:25)Ski films (15:15)Favorite Nimbus memory? (16:55)Favorite Seth Morrison story (19:37)Connecting with Patagonia (21:07)Pep’s Favorite K2 skis (23:50)Your biggest influences? (30:47)What current segment of skiing impresses you the most? (33:26)Returning to school (35:34)‘Business’ doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word (39:08) See for privacy and opt-out information.

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