Pardes from Jerusalem

Pardes from Jerusalem

By Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

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What's Pardes from Jerusalem about?

Join Rabbi Zvi Hirschfield and guests each week for a thoughtful and engaging podcast discussion of the weekly Torah portion. Each week, Zvi will be joined by a guest for a deep dive into the text, unraveling the wisdom nestled within each Torah portion, exploring its timeless relevance, and uncovering contemporary insights. Whether you’re a seasoned Torah scholar, an inquisitive seeker of knowledge, or simply someone looking for inspiration and wisdom, Pardes from Jerusalem provides you with thought-provoking conversations, invaluable lessons for personal growth, and deeper insight into Jewish texts. Tune into this Pardes podcast for a creative, personal and brave journey as Zvi and guests leave no stone unturned in seeking to bring out meaning and significance from each Torah portion.

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