#170 - Praise The Lord... Pass The Crack! - The Phenomicalness of Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor

07.23.2019 - By Crime in Sports

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This week, we check out a legendary boxer. One of the greatest of all time. One of the most prolific punch throwers... and crack smokers in history! He fought his way out of a childhood, where sleeping outside was preferable to being home, to become a true legend. Then he discovered crack, glorious crack. This led to fights with everyone, including his mother, crazy crack house confrontations, getting shot by his "wife", lies, restarts, rehabs, jail, more arrests, panhandling, a ton more crack, and eventually Jesus. It really needs to be heard to be believed!

Find yourself, in the glow of a crack pipe, be one of the greatest fighters who ever lived, and pray to the lord... for more crack with Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor!!

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