PRESENT TENSE Fully Explained With Examples As We Listen And Learn English Grammar Ep 524

03.28.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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The PRESENT TENSE in English: We’re going to work on the present tense in our English grammar lesson today. I want to get you thinking about how you can use your knowledge of the tenses to your advantage when speaking. We use tenses to explain when an action takes place, and explaining when an action takes place is an important part of ALL our everyday conversations.
An English Grammar Podcast Lesson That Focuses On The Present Tense
✔Lesson transcript:
So  what is present tense? The present tense is one of the verb tenses in  English and is used to describe actions that are currently happening, or  include routine actions that are true. I'm sure there are more formal definitions, but this is how I think of it, and it's a practical way to think about it.
First the good news, present tense conjugation is pretty simple in English. You can just listen and learn these. However, and the reason for today’s lesson, the other forms of  the present tense can be difficult to learn through listening alone. So  in this English grammar podcast,  we’re going to walk through each form of present tense and explain what  you should watch out for when you listen and learn English.
As  always, there are lots of examples in this English lesson, and because  it’s important that you really do grasp the different forms, I’ve  included a quick test at the end of the lesson to check your  understanding.
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