Ron MacLean and Jason Benetti

04.10.2019 - By Sports Media with Richard Deitsch

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Episode 48 of the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch features two guests: First up is Ron MacLean the host of Hockey Night in Canada and Rogers Hometown Hockey and one of the most well-known sports broadcasters in Canada. He’s followed by Chicago White Sox and ESPN broadcaster Jason Benetti. In this podcast, MacLean discusses the relevance of the Hockey Night In Canada host role in 2019; the most important trait a sports television host can have and why; his relationship with Coaches Corner co-host Don Cherry and why it was worked for as long as it has; why Cherry continues to provoke a reaction from an audience; navigating politics in on-air commentary; his turbulent relationship with Gary Bettman; his return to the Hockey Night in Canada host role two years ago after he was removed from the lead chair; traveling Canada for Hometown Hockey broadcasts; where the hockey stands in terms of inclusiveness and specifically for people of color, women and the LGBTQ community; whether there are truisms of about a Canadian sports audience and more. Obvious disclosure: Ron MacLean and I both work for Rogers in Canada.  Benetti discusses how he navigates the many sports he calls including baseball, college football and college basketball and the NFL; his role as the play by play TV voice of the White Sox; how one makes a jump from local to national sports broadcaster; whether his law degree manifest itself in his day to day life; homerism vs. objectivity in local baseball broadcasting; his thoughts on using analytics on a broadcast; how his cerebral palsy defines and does not define him; what he does to eradicate stereotypes about disability awareness; where the White Sox are in terms of the rebuild, and more. You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and more.

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