337: Sea Conditions Are Calm

08.02.2019 - By Accidental Tech Podcast

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Pre-show: John's vacation wrap-up
Auto Train

John's Apple sticker on his Civic
Shallow water blackout
Thunder in Paradise

Dropbox alternatives
Synology Drive
Port forwarding information
The Talk Show #258 with discussion about iCloud Drive wonkiness
The Talk Show #259 with Marco

How does the Overcast recommendation algorithm avoid promoting awful people, unlike YouTube's algorithm? (via Justin Cardinal)
This Video Will Make You Angry

Casey needs some advice about Vignette duplicate-photo detection
Hamming distance

Apple acquires most of Intel's smartphone modem business
Apple Employees/Contractors Listen to Siri Audio Samples
Update after recording: Apple temporarily suspending "Siri grading", and will provide an opt-out

Testing headphones & iOS 13's politeness (via Prone to Bits)
Audio Quality Tests playlist
Kashmir by Kevin Gilbert
Last Plane Out by Toy Matinee

Making suggestions as part of the Pro Workflow Team (via Aaron Bushnell)
Siracusa ranks Tennists (via Anthony Roberts)

Post-show: Endangered Camera Species
Sony A7R4

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