SH 11 - The Macho Man & Baseball's Greatest Non-Trade

05.01.2021 - By Pitcher List Fantasy Baseball

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OH YEAH! The cream will rise to the top this week as Brandon & Noah discuss the shortlived minor league career of one Randy Poffo, better known as MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE. Also on tap: Ted Williams for Joltin' Joe Dimaggio in the greatest baseball trade to never happen. PLUS: Could a third Hall of Famer have been included in the deal?

"We've got you for 40 minutes! 40 minutes of playtime!"




03:15 Brandon does his best "Snap into a Slim Jim" impression

18:00 Who said it? Randy Savage or Yogi Berra? game

21:12 The Best Trade to Never Happen

26:43 Brandon does a scary Boston accent

27:57 ???? ????? sweetens the pot

30:45 The Pickle Jar - "Wormburner"

33:56 Further Differentiating the NL & AL


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