Should Investors Consider Semler Scientific? A Deep Dive with Adu Subramanian

03.08.2022 - By The 7investing Podcast

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In this week’s podcast, 7investing lead advisor Luke Hallard catches up with health tech expert investor Adu Subramanian to chat about Semler Scientific (NASDAQ: SMLR) -- an exciting $300M heath care technology business that’s rapidly becoming the standard of care for diagnosing peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
PAD is a condition that affects nearly 20 million Americans, yet it’s estimated that only 25% of cases are diagnosed, resulting in costly interventions, and impacting the quality of life for patients.The company received FDA approval for its innovative product, QuantaFlo, in 2015, and today revenues are growing via a unique distribution model of selling directly into insurance companies.
In this fun and lively interview, Adu shares his investing thesis for Semler Scientific, breaking down the business model, the incentives for doctors, insurers and patients, and the key financials and investment risks.
Adu Subramanian can be found on Twitter @AduSubramanian, or you can read his full investment thesis at his substack, Medtech and Microcaps.

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