#061 - Sigils, Vessels and Doors with Aidan Wachter | Glitch Bottle

11.30.2019 - By Glitch Bottle Podcast

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How can we avoid working at cross-purposes with magic? What are magical vessels, and how are they used to build magical pressure? How are magical sigils used as coded information? In this second part of a two part conversation, Aidan Wachter (author, talismanic jeweler and dirt sorcerer) shares about all these topics, answers your Glitch Bottle Patron questions and more!Get ‘Six Ways’ and learn more: http://www.aidanwachter.com/sixwaysCheck out Aidan’s talismanic jewelry: http://www.aidanwachter.com/storeCheck out Aidan’s music: https://aidanwachter.bandcamp.com/Become a Glitch Bottle Patron! ✅►https://www.patreon.com/glitchbottle

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