06.06.2021 - By Criminology

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The town of Speedway, Indiana is known for racing with the Indianapolis Speedway being a huge attraction. But, in 1978, Speedway gained attention for a number of high-profile crimes. In September of that year, a serial bomber terrorized the area by detonating eight separate bombs. A month after the bombings, the murder of four young Burger Chef employees rocked the area. Known as the Burger Chef murders, Jayne Friedt, Daniel Davis, Mark Flemmonds, and Ruth Shelton were murder as they were closing up the restaurant.
Join Mike and Morf as they discuss these crimes that occurred in Speedway in 1978. The police focused on a suspect in the Speedway bombings. But, the Burger Chef murders remain unsolved to this day. There are a slew of questions to be answered and just as many shady characters that have been linked in some way. Were drugs involved in the murders or was this a case of trying to scare someone into paying a debt that led to murder?
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