Spygate 2: Electric Boogaloo

12.16.2019 - By Sports? with Katie Nolan

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Katie, Ashley and Jay get asked if a straw has one hole or two, then jump into the NFL playoff scenarios after discussing the playoff-bound Patriots (14:30) and the AFC North winning Ravens (16:00). They discuss how the Eagles control their own destiny (17:30), the Raiders could technically make it? (20:40), their fans should not throw things (32:55), and finally Spygate 2 and how B-Roll works (39:45). Later, they chat about the new Sharks coach being named (1:06:00) Chris Paul, Mall Cop (1:07:40), and Legends of the Hidden Temple (1:14:35). Lastly, they take a call about what year they'd relive. Zuzu's petals, get to those listens.

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