Stunning and Shocking? Jan. 6 Committee Meets | 6/10/22

06.10.2022 - By Pat Gray Unleashed

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The Jan. 6 show hearing happened yesterday and was challenging to get through. One thing that was revealed, though, was that Antifa members actually changed into MAGA attire during the protest. Joe Biden had a hard time finding someone to speak to at the Ninth Summit of the Americas. He also talked about the "climate of investment" during a recent speech. Joy Behar turned racist when talking about guns. We have new animal videos that Pat actually decided to play! A vulture flies with a man and an orangutan picks up a guy from inside his cage. Speaking of apes, Jeffy “believes” in evolution. His new pronouns are they/them/ape/it. A study shows that Colorado is going to dry up and lose half of its snow by 2080. They continue to push these climate change studies further and further out. There are zero excuses and/or reasons why these unprecedented levels of inflation are currently occurring in the United States of America right now.
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