Sunday, October 13, 2019: Syria and Impeachment Consume Trump's Presidency

10.13.2019 - By Inside Politics

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Democrats are moving forward with their impeachment probe at light speed - interviewing a former U.S. ambassador at the heart of the Ukraine scandal and issuing a flurry of subpoenas last week - with multiple depositions planned in the days ahead.

Plus, two days to go until the CNN-New York Times Democratic Debate. Is Elizabeth Warren ready for the onslaught coming her way? And can Bernie Sanders reassure voters he's healthy enough to be president?

And as the situation in northern Syria deteriorates, some of President Trump's top allies in Congress are furious over his decision to withdraw U.S. troops - and leave America's Kurdish allies at the mercy of a rapidly expanding invasion by Turkey.

Nia-Malika Henderson in the anchor chair. Today's panel: Julie Pace of the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal's Tarini Parti, and Rachael Bade and Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post.

Plus live reporting on the ground in Syria from CNN's Nick Paton Walsh.

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