SwapCast - Greg Carlwood - The Higherside Chats

04.16.2018 - By Those Conspiracy Guys

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On this SwapCast Greg Carlwood joins me to chat about his podcast The Higherside Chats, one of the most well known and successful conspiracy podcasts ever, and one of my personal favourite shows!

We answer questions and take comments from the fans and chat about what its like to be a podcaster, how he got into it in the first place, our favourite conspiracies, how episode topics are chosen, how to monetise conspiracy content, what its like to interview people for a living, the upcoming US expedition, how to deal with rambunctious fans, getting banned from YouTube, and working on a podcast on your own.

It was great to chat with Greg and get some insight as to how one of my favourite podcasts is made and the man behind it! I will hopefully meet Greg in San Diego in October so keep an eye out for more.

In the meantime you can follow Greg on Twitter www.twitter.com/highersidechats or subscribe to the podcast basically everywhere you get podcasts. You can also subscribe for extra indepth versions of his podcasts by subscribing to THC+ which gives you more of the THC interview goodness that you already love!

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